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Lessons with Alex

    Weather you are a beginner on your instrument, someone who has played for a number of years yet has not gotten the "whole picture" of your instrument, a student headed towards college boards,  a musician looking to finish up that killer tune you have been writing,  or an advanced player looking for some help on a tough musical piece, Alex is avalible to help you.  With decades of playing, studying and teaching music under his belt, Alex has the knowledge, desire, and ability to turn you into the best player you can be.  


     Alex has studied with some of the greatest guitarists in california. He received his formal degree from Musicians Institute, specializing in guitar performance.  Alex has studied with Scott henderson, Carl Verhyen, Ken Rosser,  Santana guitarist Chris Solberg,  Matt Heuliet, among many others.  


" Learning from these monster players is has not only been  hugely informational, it has shown me what can be truly done with a guitar.  Furthermore, it has definitely kicked my butt a little and provided me with the motivation to buckle down and get my playing together!"


" The other half of my musical education has been on the bandstand. I have played with a very diverse group of musicians over the last 15 years.  Being thrown into different and varied musical situations has been not only fun and rewarding, it has also spurred on my musical development like nothing else could.  If you really want to be able play you need to Perform!"


    Lessons are avalible in all western music styles, as well as Latin and World styles.   Topics can include: soloing, rhythm chops, understanding the complete fretboard, stylistic idiosyncrasies, music theory as it applies to YOUR favorite music, songwriting, comping for singers, help playing with YOUR band, dealing with "changes", and any other topics music can present.


"I love helping people have that lightbulb moment with their instrument. There is nothing better than accomplishing something new with your musical voice. We all know it's a long road,  I enjoy very much sending people down the right path."


 Alex Is available to teach Guitar, Ukulele, and Sax lessons in the bay area in your home, or around the world on Skype.


 Head over to the contact page, and get in touch to schedule a lesson.

Learning guitar with Alex was fun. He taught me about slowing down, about reading, about listening, The best part was when we would play together. Usually I would try my hand at rhythm and he would play atop. I loved it when it sound good.


-Barak SF

Alex is a great teacher for all ages. I'm an adult new to the guitar and he is very patient with my "set in my way" fingers.   He tailors lessons to my interests yet is still disciplined at reinforcing the fundamentals.


-Peter G.

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